A Chiropractic Analogy

I was in visiting my chiropractor this week. I’ve been under his care since I was a young child and he played a significant role in my decision to become a chiropractor. I continue to be grateful for his wisdom and support. Anyway, while in his office waiting to get adjusted, I was listening to his discussion with what sounded like a new patient. He was educating the patient on the importance of preventative care and regular visits to the chiropractor. He explained that the gentleman had some big problems that would not be solved by one adjustment. He then pointed down to his own belly which has expanded since his Rugby days in school. He said this is my problem and it is not going away if I just exercise once or eat healthy when I feel like it. He said it would take regular work to solve his “problem” and even once it was solved, he would have to continue to work to keep the belly at bay. I’ve heard several analogies as to the importance of regular chiropractic care but nothing as simple and applicable as this example. It made sense, the patient got it, and everyone got a little laugh out of it. Chiropractic care is very much like exercise and healthy eating which are also a preventative forms of health care. If you want to live a healthy lifestyle, maintain a healthy weight, and be in peak physical shape, you have to commit to regular effort. Of course exercise and healthy eating should happen daily and the vast majority of people will not need to visit their chiropractor daily. However the overall principle is the same. If you want to achieve and maintain health, you have to insure that your nervous system is functioning properly. No one is better able to determine that than a chiropractor. You don’t just start exercising because you are overweight, you exercise to prevent it. Don’t just go to the chiropractor because you are in pain or are suffering from symptoms, go regularly to prevent all that in the first place. Regularly can be once a week, once a month, or once every few months depending on your lifestyle and health concerns. Your doctor will be able to provide you with a specific care plan that fits your need and insures you are receiving the best possible health care for you.