Living the Preventative Lifestyle

It is common for many patients to contact a Chiropractor when they are in pain perhaps after an injury or an automobile accident. With minor aches and pains, patients are likely to see a significant reduction in symptoms after one adjustment which often makes them think the problem is solved and they do not need to come back. There is a saying chiropractors often use and it goes, “Pain is the last thing to show up and the first thing to go away.” Basically there may be dysfunction in your body long before you know about it. Pain is generally an indicator of an acute injury or a problem that has gone on way too long. A Chiropractor’s job is to restore function to your body not to alleviate pain. The goal is to keep your body functioning so that you do not get to a point where the pain is so overwhelming that it effects your quality of life.

Anyone that has ever tried to lose weight knows that one day of healthy eating will serve no long term benefits. In order to lose weight, one must change their lifestyle which includes exercise and healthy eating daily. Chiropractic care is much the same way. One adjustment may provide relief for your specific complaint, but it likely won’t serve you long term. Regular check ups whether it be monthly or weekly, can help insure that your body is functioning properly. People don’t just get sick, their immune system is broken down over time due to stress, lack of sleep, or a poor diet. The culmination of all this on our bodies over possibly months at a time leads to sickness. Health can be achieved much the same way. If you take care of yourself by living a healthy and preventative lifestyle, you can avoid sickness, pain and disease instead of dealing with it when it arrives.

If your Chiropractor asks you to return for a visit it is likely because he or she knows that based on your injury or complaint, healing properly will take more than one adjustment. Unlike most health care which treats symptoms once they arise, the main goal of Chiropractic care is to prevent symptoms from coming in the first place. We do not like to see people when they are in pain, we want to prevent that from happening altogether. Inevitably life will cause accidents and sickness to occur, and a Chiropractor is pleased to get you back on the path to health.  Injuries or prolonged dysfunction are much harder to correct as muscles and tendons are often damaged. In order to stabilize the bones and keep the nervous system functioning properly, more than one adjustment may be necessary. Handling your health in a preventative manner is much cheaper and more effective in the long run.

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