Chiropractic and Headaches

Sure, we’ve all had one, they come and they go, and generally we just accept them as a part of life. However the fact of the matter is, headaches are not normal especially if they are severe or recurring. Headaches can be caused by a vast array of situations from stress to dehydration to simply sleeping wrong. Many people simply pop a pain reliever in their mouth and continue on with their day, however there may be an underlining cause that can not be alleviated through the use of pain relievers. If you suffer from regular headaches, more than once a week, it may be because of a misalignment in your spine. The cervical region, more commonly referred to as the neck, is often the source of headaches. From sleeping wrong, to sitting at a computer all day, or an array of injuries, the bones in the neck can get out of place causing tension in the muscles. This pull on the muscles can result in whats commonly called a tension headache or a headache in general. When the bones in the neck are out of alignment there is also pressure on the nerves which can cause pain as well. A chiropractor can test for subluxation or misalignment of the bones and adjust them back into place. Many times this immediately alleviates tension and provides headache relief. Because we move our necks often, don’t generally use proper posture, and rarely sleep in good form, our necks are vulnerable to subluxation. Visiting the chiropractor regularly can help insure that headaches stay at bay. Headaches can also be a symptom of more severe situations so if you do not find relief, a chiropractor may refer you out for further testing. Don’t ignore your headaches or think of them as normal. If you suffer from headaches often, it may be helpful to track what you were doing when you got it and what time of day it was. This may help pinpoint the source or rule out some options as well. Be sure to tell your chiropractor about any headaches you are having even if you consider them to be minor.

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