Chiropractic Care- A True Health Insurance Policy

Assuming you are paying at least a small amount of attention to the news lately, you have likely heard of the debate over health care and the current effort to reform the system. However what is being called health care reform is really more accurately insurance reform. The bill has little to do with actual health care. The effort to fix the insurance issues neglects the fact that insurance companies in general are a huge part of the problem. Insurance companies drive up the cost of health care for individuals as many people generally have no idea what procedures actually cost and they don’t care as long as their insurance covers it. In my personal experience, doctors are much more conservative with my care when they knew I was not insured and conversely much more willing to suggest certain procedures when they knew I was insured. I was often told the actual cost of procedures and medications when I was not insured in order to make a decision but never was given that information when I wasn’t paying for it out of my pocket. During times when I did not have health insurance I turned down many suggested procedures that had no negative impact whatsoever on my care or health. Insurance companies do not generally support preventative care as they do with what I call “treatment care”. Chiropractic care falls into the category of preventative care. They do not feel chiropractic care is medically necessary when there are no complaints and often times even if there are complaints. However preventative care could save this country big bucks if it was supported. As you know, it is much easier to brush your teeth each day and go to the dentist for regular cleanings instead of avoiding both and ending up there for a root canal or tooth extraction. Chiropractic care functions much the same way. It is maintenance for your body to help prevent more serious and costly issues from arising in the future. What we call health care in this country is in reality sickness care. Which is why people who do not understand chiropractic care have a hard time with the idea of going to the doctor when they are feeling fine. While chiropractors can be of assistance during sickness or after an injury, the true goal is to prevent disease before it occurs. Your health insurance does nothing to guarantee your health but rather is available once you get sick. If you don’t get sick, it is after all unnecessary. Most of us rely on it in case of emergency and I don’t denounce the importance of that.

However, it is time that we as a country become educated on the importance of preventative methods of health care (diet, exercise, stress reduction, and chiropractic care to name a few) and start actively making our health a priority. While even the best preventative methods are not a guarantee of optimum health, they certainly are worth a try. Many people cringe at the thought of paying for a chiropractic adjustment when they are feeling good or even a nutritional supplement but don’t think twice at spending the same or more on a haircut, a game of golf, or a night out to dinner. True insurance involves taking steps to prevent illness, pain, and disease in the first place. Your body is an amazing piece of machinery designed to take care of itself. However you are responsible for putting good things inside, drinking plenty of water, avoiding dangerous or risky situations, and managing your weight to name a few. A chiropractor can take your efforts a step further by finding and removing nerve interference so that everything functions normally in your body. Give preventative care a try, you won’t be upset that you don’t get to use your health insurance in the future!