Patient Portal

Our patients have access to a secure portal that allows direct communication with the doctor. If you have questions about your care, need medical records, or want to share medical information or records from other providers, you can do so in the secure portal. This is the best way to contact Dr. French about any health related issues aside from making an appointment. We will not discuss any health-related matters through regular email for your protection.

If you are a current patient and haven’t signed up yet, please contact the office either by phone or email to provide your email address and interest in signing up. You will need an email account in order to access the portal.

If you have already signed up and verified your account, you can access the portal here. You will need your user name, password, and account number which is all provided in the initial email sent to you upon signing up for the portal.

If you need help registering your account or setting up an email address, please stop by our office and we’d be glad to assist you.