Food Program for Kids

Free food for Verde Valley kids


Nearly 1 in 4 children in Yavapai county struggles with food insecurity. In Camp Verde specifically, nearly 40% of children live in food insecure homes and that number is based on those that qualify based on the government’s qualification, meaning their parents or guardians make 185% of the federal poverty level or less. The rate of food insecurity within our own town is likely higher with many people who don’t qualify for any assistance or meet federal income guidelines, still having a difficult time providing food for their families each week. Children in food insecure homes are more likely to repeat a grade in school, have social and behavioral problems, have more illnesses, and perform poorly academically. A stable source of nutrition is required for proper brain development and without it a child’s cognitive abilities can be stunted and the impact is permanent. Food insecurity impacts a child’s future.

Many children in food insecure homes rely on school meals as their main source of nutrition. On the weekends they may be left with little or no food at home to eat.

For those reasons, we have partnered with Feeding Northern Arizona’s Future to bring a weekend food program to Camp Verde. Children aged 1-17 can receive a bag of food to help supplement their families food supplies over the weekend. No income information is required to sign up. Families can sign up here.


In order to continue this program and provide this needed service to our community, we rely on food and monetary donations. Food donations can be dropped off at the clinic at any time or you can order from our virtual food drive on Amazon at anytime. Fresh or perishable food items can be dropped off on Thursdays, the day we distribute food. We have no storage capacity for perishable foods but we can give out items in smaller quantities.

Monetary donations can be made to Feeding Northern Arizona’s Future. Donations made through their website qualify for an Arizona state tax credit.

Food items most needed include:

  • Peanut and other nut butters
  • Canned tuna or chicken
  • Pasta/sauce
  • Canned veggies/fruit
  • Cereal
  • Non-perishable lunch items like soup, ravioli, etc.
  • Grocery store gift cards in small amounts ($10)


Our biggest need is volunteers willing to host and run food drives for us. This can involve a church or organization asking members to donate food or it can involve a team or club group setting up outside a grocery store and collecting items from shoppers. If you or your organization would like to host a food drive for this purpose, please let us know.


To reduce waste, food is handed out in reusable bags and returned each week. If you or your business has any reusable bags you’d be willing to donate, drop them off at the clinic anytime.